Receive a FREE Solid State Drive When You Upgrade to Windows 10

In January 2020, Windows 7 will no longer be supported from Microsoft.  37% of the computer world still uses Windows 7.  What does that mean for you if you do?

  • No more Windows updates which can lead to:
    • New viruses and malware affecting Windows 7
    • Hackers exploiting vulnerabilities in Windows 7
    • Much greater risk of using the internet on Windows 7

Many hackers are probably chomping at the bit for Windows 7 to expire.  Once they do, they will be working overtime to exploit those loopholes as much as possible since Windows 7 is so widely used and Microsoft will no longer fix these issues.

We are offering a limited time offer!  Upgrade your Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer to Windows 10 for $175 and we will upgrade your hard drive to a Solid State Drive for FREE!  This is a $59 value and will double the speed of your computer!

This upgrade for $175 includes us saving your data (not your programs), installing the new 240GB solid state drive, installing Windows 10, and putting your data back into Windows 10.  (You must have a valid Windows 7 license key on your computer for eligibility.)  You will have to reinstall software like Microsoft Office, Quicken, printers, etc. or we can do it for $29 per software application or $69 per printer.

Call us at 903-347-0073 if you have more questions or to schedule your upgrade!

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